Think, Solve, Escape

5701 Route 42, Turnersville, New Jersey 08012

Our Rooms

Each room has its own theme and difficulty level. We never put you in a room with strangers. You will have the room you book all to yourselves. However, we do suggest if you are new to escape rooms you might want to bring a few friends with you.

safe house

The Boss needs you right now! He knows he chose the right members of the family to handle his problem. You need to think like a wiseguy to take care of business.

Don't let him down.

Players  2 - 8 
Difficulty  O O O O O
aunt Sue's Apartment

Aunt Sue is a very paranoid person and has been missing for a few days. Aunt Sue calls you and asks you to go to her place, then she will contact you there. What does Aunt Sue need and why the big rush? What could your eccentric aunt be up to now?

Players  2 - 10      
Difficulty  O O O O O          
Dr. Chen's Office

Dr. Chen has been working on something very important. His assistant has contacted you and said Dr. Chen has finally done it, but he needs your help. What has Dr. Chen concocted and who else wants it?

Players  2 - 6     
Difficulty  O O O O O      
Our most challenging room.

 The cellar might be too intense for younger players, under 14 must be accompanied by a paying adult. 

The Cellar

This is your last chance. The killer has you in his cellar and there is only one way out. You have to solve the room before the time is up or you will be the next on his list.

Players  2 - 10    
Difficulty  O O O O O

Note: This room is on the lower level, to access this room you have to go down a flight of stairs.