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How it Works

You and your friends enter a room and have 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles and riddles before time runs out. It may seem like an easy task. You have to work together as a group using all your skills before the time is up.



Search and find all

the clues in the room 



Put your heads together to figure out the clues and puzzles



Work through all the puzzles in under 60 minutes  to escape

You can reserve your room from

2 -10 people depending on the room you select. Each room has a different theme and difficulty level. We do not put you in a room with strangers. When your group books a room, you will have it all to yourself.  The more players you have, the cheaper it is per person.

2 Players - $36 per person

3 Players - $32 per person

4 Players - $29 per person

5 Players - $28 per person

6 Players - $27 per person

7 Players - $26 per person

8 Players - $25 per person

9 Players - $24 per person

10 Players - $23 per person


20% off Wednesday and Thursday after 5 pm, use promo code WEEKDAY_20 when checking out.

*If you only have a few confirmed players in the group, you can always add players when you come in.

 Just be aware of a maximum number of players for each room. Players under 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the room.

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